Apartment Fire on South Eberhart Ave near 61st St Chicago -- Extra Alarm Fire with an EMS Plan 1

WED SEP 02 2020 4:45 AM Chicago Fire Department responding to an apartment fire on Eberhart Avenue at 61st Street in Chicago. Crew on arrival reports they have a fire in a 3-story apartment. BC5 in command with Still and Box Alarm by 4:51 AM and a roof fire on the side of the courtyard. Box companies assigned to bring ladders to the courtyard.

2-11 Alarm by 4:59 AM. EMS Plan 1 by 5:01 AM.  CV274 on 61st Street.

Staging at 61st Street and King Drive. Armed man threatening a family member near the scene.

3-story courtyard apartment with fire on the south side "we need a lot of ladders"... additional RIT truck needed and setting up snorkel by 5:12 AM.

3-11 Alarm by 5:13 AM. EMS Staging 60th Street or 63rd Street and Rhodes Avenue. FC 459 A55  A6  4-5-8 RIT, A38 RIT, A8  A7  A14. EMS Plan 1 secured at 5:55 AM.

Searches limited because of collapse on the 3rd floor.



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