Shipping containers on fire in a shipping yard on Hermitage near 43rd St Chicago

FRI AUG 28 2020 11:45 PM Chicago Fire Department responding to a commercial building fire in the block of 4200 South Hermitage in Chicago. E49 on arrival reports they have some shipping containers on fire. T33 on scene.  BC15 in command reports at 12:07 AM several trailers used for storage and shipping container; firefighters working their way toward the center with two lines. Firefighters chasing hot spots by 12:17 AM.

WIND from NW 12 G 23 MPH at Midway at 11:53 PM



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Critics of personal injury law practice claim that litigation increases the cost of products and services, hurts innocent providers of services, increases the cost of doing business, and even leads to ridiculous warnings on products and overprotective prohibitions at property locations. However, proponents of personal injury law practice advocate the profession because it awards victims who would otherwise be devastated without financial help, and motivates and promotes safety mechanisms and safety design to prevent future company liability, personal liability and financial losses. 

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